A-News Op ed: Subsidies for Bowl Game Travel?

This past week OU subsidized a trip to the R & L Bowl Game for several hundred students. While the Ohio University AAUP applaud the sentiment and congratulate the team for its accomplishments, we question the wisdom of this expenditure. Given that we face deep budget cuts, does it make sense to spending money on activities that don’t support our core academic mission?

In an op ed titled “Bowl Junket a Poor Investment,” which appeared in the Athens News on December 20, we concluded:

The OU chapter of AAUP calls on faculty to demand that the sovereignty of athletics be replaced by the sovereignty of our core academic mission. Runaway spending by the athletic department must be curbed, and resources reallocated to fully support academics, or our university will lose more prestige than any number of bowl-game appearances could ever restore.

Please click here to read the entire op ed.

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