Opposed to SB 5? Please Contact Jimmy Stewart

The Columbus Dispatch is portraying Jimmy Stewart – who represents Athens in the Ohio Senate – as a potential fence-sitter on SB 5:

Sen. Jimmy Stewart, R-Albany, would not say whether he supports the bill, but he stressed he is searching for some middle ground with “some of my labor friends.”

“I’ve generally been pro-labor. But I do understand there are legitimate concerns from the sponsor and folks who have testified,” Stewart said.

(Read the whole article here.)

If you favor state employees keeping their right to collective bargaining, please contact Jimmy Stewart and tell him so! The campaign against SB 5 needs all of our voices:

Phone: (614) 466-8076
Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Email: SD20@senate.state.oh.us


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