“You Say Cut Back? We Say Fight Back!” Teach-in and Rally Energize Students and Faculty

Wednesday’s teach-in (co-sponsored by OU+AAUP) and today’s protest rally were a smashing success. The New Political has a nice rundown of the teach-in (attended by over 400 students and faculty), as does Jim Phillips at the Athens News. Today, undeterred by ill-timed rain, hundreds came out for a protest rally and march. (See the A-News for a good account of the rally – and also [edited to add] The New Political.)

The march wound through East Green and Court Street, ending in front of Cutler Hall with a message for our upper administrators:

“No if! No buts! No education cuts!”

“You say cut back? We say fight back!”

OU+AAUP members marched and chanted side by side with the students and other supporters from the faculty, staff, and community.

(Video courtesy of  The Post.)

Today’s protest, like the teach-in, energized participants – and inspired us to keep fighting in the face of S.B. 5 and administrative intransigence. This feels like the beginning of a powerful alliance among students, faculty, and other workers.

Students gather to discuss “what next?” after the teach-in.

Here’s the banner for the teach-in and protest.

OU+AAUP vice president Julie White speaks at the rally.

More scenes from today’s rally and march:

Photos courtesy of Judith Grant and Louis-Georges Schwartz.

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2 Responses to “You Say Cut Back? We Say Fight Back!” Teach-in and Rally Energize Students and Faculty

  1. Read our coverage of the event at The New Political:


    Andrew Zucker, Editor, The New Political

    • OU AAUP says:

      Yes! Your coverage has been impressive. The New Political is a wonderful addition to our local media. I am adding you to our blogroll, Andrew.

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