OUmatters: Great New Blog by Joe McLaughlin

Joe McLaughlin, president of our Faculty Senate, has started OUmatters, a new blog on the issues facing Ohio University. So far, it’s terrific: reflective, well-informed, and honest about our budgetary crunch. In other words, just what you’d expect.

Have you been wondering why Athletics is not being asked to take a hit in next year’s budget? The new system of responsibility-centered management (RCM) is at least partly to blame. Joe explains why this is so in his inaugural post, “General Fee Needs to Be Rebalanced,” and explores the implications of this in his latest, “On Shared Sacrifice and the ‘Student Experience.'”

Of course, the skeptics among us might question why – if RCM will inevitably have a disproportionate impact on the academic units – it’s being introduced precisely now as budgets are being slashed. RCM is not a financial imperative. It’s an approach to money management that Cutler Hall has already once considered and abandoned. In other words, it’s a political choice.

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